Dark Shadow Recording announces the debut single, “Nothin’ To You,” from Becky Buller’s forthcoming album ‘Tween Earth And Sky available for download and airplay worldwide Friday, March 28, 2014.


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​New Music From Becky Buller 

JOELTON, TN – In an effort to brighten up your weekend, Dark Shadow Recording announces the debut single, “Nothin’ To You,” from Becky Buller’s forthcoming album ‘Tween Earth And Sky available for download and airplay worldwide Friday, March 28, 2014.
"This track is a custom fit for Bluegrass Radio and goes on the very next edition of Into The Blue! Love it and can’t wait to hear the full project."- Terry Herd
Penned by Buller, “Nothin’ To You” is everything you’ve come to love in a bluegrass song:  lovelorn lyrics set to a lightening fast melody with high, high harmony and banjo, banjo, banjo!
This track features Kenny and Amanda Smith (guitar and harmony vocals), Barry Bales (bass), Ron Block (banjo), Jesse Brock (mandolin), Rob Ickes (resophonic guitar), and Buller (lead vocal and fiddles).
Dubbed “The Cookie Jar Sessions” by engineer, producer, and record exec Stephen Mougin, this tune was powered by Buller’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, baked fresh that morning.
“’Nothin’ To You’ is the perfect pairing of a slow lyric and a quick tempo,” said Mougin.  “It’s deceptively fast for as comfortable as those guys sound playing it!”
“Everybody on this track is a hero of mine,” said Buller.  “They’ve created some of my very favorite records and it was a thrill to work with them on this project.”
“Nothin’ To You” is currently for sale as a download at  DJs can access the track for airplay at
A release date for ‘Tween Earth and Sky in its entirety has not yet been set.
With this album, Buller joins the Dark Shadow Recording family, which also includes Nedski & Mojo, and The Rigneys.  The title cut of The Rigney’s 2013 album Double Or Nothing is currently at #26 on the National Airplay Chart in this April’s Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine.
For more information about Buller, visit her website:  Her Twitter handle is @FiddlerBeckyB.  She’s also on Facebook. 

Becky Buller joins Dark Shadow Recording 

            Joelton, Tennessee (January 14) – Dark Shadow Recording announces Becky Buller as the latest signed artist on the label. Featuring a host of Bluegrass super-pickers and all-star vocalists, her twelve-song album will feature eleven original compositions. Buller’s first solo project in ten years is already underway, with Producer/Engineer Stephen Mougin at the helm.Becky Buller currently tours as vocalist/fiddler for Darin and Brooke Aldridge. As a songwriter she’s had cuts by Rhonda Vincent, Ricky Skaggs, Doyle Lawson, and countless others. The list, a virtual who’s-who of Bluegrass royalty, cements her place as an important contributor to the genre. Combined with her unique vocal style and world-class fiddling, she can only be described as an unbelievable talent.
            Mougin, even with a full plate (touring with Sam Bush, touring with Nedski and Mojo, running Dark Shadow Recording), seems eager at this opportunity. “Becky and I are longtime pals, and I’m simply thrilled that she is joining our DSR family for this project. We share a love for Bluegrass traditions, a determination for quality, and a common musical vision. I didn’t plan on making any “side-man/side-woman” projects on the label but, when Becky told me about her plans for this record, I knew I wanted to be involved in a BIG way!”
            When asked about her choice to work on a new album with Dark Shadow Recording, Becky was quick to respond. “So many great singers have recorded my songs; I will never quit getting giddy when that happens!  But it's exciting to be going back into the studio to sing some of my own stuff again...a few things I've had tucked away for years, a new one or two, maybe even a surprise!  Thanks to Mojo and Jana for inviting me to be part of their new label.  I hope I do them proud!  (And I hope you all like what you hear.)”
            The album will be primarily Bluegrass in content, with a couple of Old-time inspired songs, a couple of slightly more progressive tunes, an instrumental, and an A cappella gospel number. A release date has not been set at this point. 

Performance video is finally here! 

Dark Shadow Recording artists “The Rigneys” announce the launch of “Double or Nothing”, the first entry in a series of performance videos. Recorded and filmed live at the South Jackson Civic Center in Tullahoma, Tn in front of a packed auditorium, the show featured two sets of fine bluegrass from the band followed by two standing ovations.             In an interview following the single-act concert, Mark Rigney shared his excitement about the evening performances. “The audience filled the house and was very engaging and lively. Playing in a historic theater to a great crowd that came out to hear only you is really special.”
            Penned by guitarist-vocalist Andrew Rigney and producer Stephen Mougin, the song “Double or Nothing” is the title track of their current album (released September 10, 2013).
             Mougin sees this video as an opportunity to re-introduce the band to the bluegrass community who may not have seen the group recently.
“The Rigneys have been on the bluegrass scene for a number of years, though many folks may not be familiar with their show. We wanted fans, Dj’s, and promoters to hear what they currently sound like, and what they are capable of as a live band. The group has been working hard over the last couple of years and has taken giant strides as musicians and entertainers.”
            Several songs from the November 15, 2013 concert will be released over the next several months.