These CDs are great. They are well produced and feature world class signers. I especially like to use them with students who are new to bluegrass. They learn their parts accurately and pick up elements of style along the way.
- Dave Hollender (Berklee School of Music)
 Learn to sing Bluegrass harmony parts from RUSSELL MOORE and RONNIE BOWMAN!

This project was developed to help people dive into the world of Harmony singing by providing some common jam tunes and highlighting the often obscured harmony parts.

Developed by Stephen Mougin in 2009, the Harmony series isolates the vocals in sequence. It not only allows you to learn harmony parts for these songs, but gives you tools to learn harmony parts for others! Each song is presented in 4 tracks - 

Track 1: The Full Song. So you can hear how it's all supposed to sound! Listen to the parts when they go by and listen to the fine pickin' of Adam Steffey, Ned Luberecki, Megan Lynch, Stephen Mougin, and Daniel Hardin.

Track 2: Melody. The most important component to harmony singing is knowing the shape of the melody. Identifying where it goes up, down, or stays the same will allow you to mimmick that move in the harmony line. This version plays each Chorus with Solo vocal and full band.

Track 3: Harmony. Sometimes it's just hard to hear! On this track, you'll hear Russell Moore (Tenor CD) or Ronnie Bowman (Baritone CD) singing thier part with the band. That's it! Each chorus with Solo HARMONY and full band! Neat, right?!

Track 4: The Missing Part. Here's where you get to try out what you've learned! The entire song is presented WITHOUT the part you just learned! You get to sing your part and test the waters, to see if you got it right! If you have some troubles, head back to Track 2 or 3 to "tune up" your approach!


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 The Comprehensive Fiddler

An instructional course by Megan Lynch, this carries the listener through rehearsal techniques, kick-off ideas, ending ideas, how to learn melodies and MUCH more. Truly a Comprehensive fiddle approach!

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